Photo Restoration - fix color | add color

The photos in this album show badly faded color restored to it's original brilliance and adding color to black-and-white photos
Cangemi, Kathy-001a  Cangemi, Kathy-001b  copy-010 
copy-011  copy-032  copy-033 
copy-042  copy-043  copy-044 
copy-045  Corrigan, Mary-001a  Corrigan, Mary-001b 
Flinn, Dorothy-001a  Flinn, Dorothy-001b  Hontert, Ruth-007a 
Hontert, Ruth-007b  Northrop, Trish-001a  Northrop, Trish-001b 
Russert-002a  Russert-002b  Russert-003a 
Russert-003b  Stover, Ruth-001a  Stover, Ruth-001b 
Summers, Tim-001a  Summers, Tim-001b  Susanjar-0005a 
Susanjar-0005b  Terstage-003a  Terstage-003b 
Triplett, Eric-007a  Triplett, Eric-007b  Wellington-a