Your pet’s photo could be on AAA’s Petbook AND win prizes

Monet - Cairn Terrier
Monet was one of many cherished pets in our home. She didn't do well in a car so she never went on vacation with us.

Do you love your pet so much that you take him on vacation? If you answered “yes,” do you have some really cool or crazy photos of him taking in the sights?

Even if you don't have pet photos from past vacations, there's still time to squeeze in a trip and grab some cute photos of Fido or Tabby to enter in AAA's PetBook Photo Contest. Entry deadline is November 30, 2011.
Two winning pet photos, chosen in January 2012, will be featured on the cover and spine of the AAA PetBook, published in May 2012.
The first place winner, featured on the back cover, will receive $300, a $150 Best Western Travel Card (valid at any Best Western Worldwide), pet treats and five copies of the book. The second place winner, featured on the book's spine, will receive $150, pet treats and two copies of the book.
Check out the Photo Gallery to see who the winners and runners-up were for 2010. For information on how to submit your photo, visit AAA's PetBook Photo Contest page.
Entries are judged on such artistic qualities as photographic composition and ability to convey the joy of safely traveling with a pet. Candid compositions are preferred over posed, and studio photographs or those determined to be significantly altered will be disqualified.
What kind of pet would you enter? Do you have something unusual like a snake or frog? Please leave your comments on this post.
Good luck and let us know how you do!

Mark judges Lakewood Photographic Society contest

Susan Johnson, member of the Lakewood Photographic Society, took top honors in both categories she entered.

Yesterday, I was honored to serve as a judge for the Lakewood Photographic Society (LPS) photo contest. Having judged their contests for the past five years, I couldn't turn down this opportunity to view some of the Cleveland area's most creative photography. As usual, I was not disappointed. Photographs covered a wide spectrum of subjects: portraits, flowers, animals, scenics and more. There's always something for every taste.

Susan Johnson of Lakewood did extremely well with two of her images taking top honors in the two categories she entered. She was gracious enough to allow me to post those images here.

LPS is a club for all camera enthusiasts serving the  Cleveland area for over 75 years. Their members range from beginners with easy-to-use point-and-shoot cameras to very advanced, experienced photographers. They use everything from 35mm cameras to 4×5 view cameras and of course – digital.

LPS meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Lakewood Senior Center at 16024 Madison Avenue. Check 'em out – you'll be glad you did.