Mocha Monkey gets jiggy at Carnaval

The Mocha Monkey had a close encounter of the bizarre kind when he got caught up in the Carnaval parade in San Francisco's Mission district in May. As a group of dancers passed by, one of the girls nabbed MM for a quick photo. Although it was love at first sight, MM quickly came back down to earth when he was abandoned on the curb.

The  Carnaval parade is most recognized for its spectacular choreographed dancers and scantily clad women. Since 1979, Carnaval has been the main event for thousands of artists who spend hundreds of hours preparing for San Francisco's most colorful parade.

Mocha Monkey drives San Francisco cable car

The Mocha Monkey at the controls of a San Francisco cable car. Click a photo to view it larger.

During the Mocha Monkey's May trip to San Francisco, he met the conductor of one of the city's world famous cable cars. After a little “monkeying around,” the conductor allowed MM to operate the grip handle which propels the cable car.

From MM's brief cable car history lesson, he learned that San Francisco first put them in service in 1873. MM also discovered how these amazing cars actually operate.

What are your favorite places to visit in San Francisco? Please post your “Comments” below.

Mocha Monkey nearly stranded at Golden Gate Bridge

Mocha Monkey near the Golden Gate Bridge

Mocha Monkey near the Golden Gate Bridge with his new friend.

The Mocha Monkey was almost stranded overnight in a parking lot near the Golden Gate Bridge during his recent trip to San Francisco.

After meeting his new friend, Stephanie Hernandez from New Mexico (pictured here), MM went to his car to get a late dinner. As he approached the park exit, he realized a gate had been secured across the road. After further inspection, MM noticed a sign stating the lot closed at dusk. Fortunately, he was able to drive around the gate and over an extremely high curb to make his escape. The rental car took a little abuse in the process as it nearly got stuck on the curb.

Mocha Monkey meets newlyweds at the Golden Gate Bridge

Mocha Monkey with newlyweds at the Golden Gate Bridge

The Mocha Monkey met Vlad and Tanya while visiting the Golden Gate Bridge on a recent trip to San Francisco.

They became “fast friends” as they ran along the shoreline together.

Seems like everywhere MM goes, people want to hang out with the little guy!

The Mocha Monkey nearly falls off a cliff

Late Friday, the Mocha Monkey nearly fell off a cliff along California Highway 1 between San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

Apparently trying to get a closer look at the Pacific Ocean, he got too close to the edge of the rocks and slipped. After he called out that he was in trouble, I immediately pulled him to safety.

Although Mocha Monkey was a little shaken, he decided to continue with me on our journey to San Francisco.

Check back often for more adventures of the Mocha Monkey.