Mocha Monkey drives San Francisco cable car

The Mocha Monkey at the controls of a San Francisco cable car. Click a photo to view it larger.

During the Mocha Monkey's May trip to San Francisco, he met the conductor of one of the city's world famous cable cars. After a little “monkeying around,” the conductor allowed MM to operate the grip handle which propels the cable car.

From MM's brief cable car history lesson, he learned that San Francisco first put them in service in 1873. MM also discovered how these amazing cars actually operate.

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The return of the Liddys

Last week, I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph my third member of the Liddy family from Olmsted Falls. Sean, like Donnie and Melanie before him, was fun to photograph. His confident manner was easy to capture in his portraits.

Just like his parents, Teri and Don, Sean will be the kind of person to motivate others to accomplish great things.

To see more of Sean's portraits, watch his video on YouTube or Facebook.

Out of the darkness – a great photo arises


Click a photo to view it larger.

This post is in recognition of The 60th Anniversary of the Korean War.

The years 2010-2013 mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. June 25, 1950 through July 27, 1953.


Photos can have a completely different “feel” depending on when they are taken. A night scene can have a more eerie feel than the same photo taken in daylight.

For example, the Korean War Veterans Memorial  located in Washington, D.C. is a setting that best conveys the feel of death and despair when shot at night. There are 19 stainless steel statues standing between 7 feet 3 inches and 7 feet 6 inches tall representing a squad on patrol in the rugged terrain of Korea. They appear more ominous in the night photo seen here. Continue reading

This free-spirit takes flight

Kara Solomon – SpectraLight Senior Portrait Scholarship Winner

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph Kara Solomon – a North Ridgeville High School senior who is truly a “free-spirit.”

Kara's energy and playfulness made the session “fly” by as seen in one of her portraits here. What made her session extra special is that she is one of our $350.00 senior portrait scholarship winners!

“Receiving the $350 scholarship truly means the world to me. Without it there would have been no way for me to pay for senior pictures,” wrote Kara in a recent note.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity make senior portraits a reality for her.

To see more of Kara's portraits, watch her video on YouTube or Facebook.

Whale of a photo – is it real or a Photoshop fake?

Mayor David Gillock of North Ridgeville

By now, you've seen the photo of the 33-foot, 40-ton whale that crash-landed on a sailboat off Cape Town. When I first saw it, I immediately thought something was “fishy” with the picture. I've seen photos of huge fish hanging on ordinary fishing poles that were created by combining two different photos in Adobe Premiere Elements or Adobe Photoshop. Apparently the recent whale photo is the real deal!

To show how two different photos can be merged together to create the unexpected, I took a photo of a golfer (David Gillock – Mayor of North Ridgeville, Ohio) and combined it with a squirrel photo. The image seen here was used on a calendar for the North Ridgeville Rotary Club.

A couple other photos for the calendar were created in a similar fashion. Check them out at

If you have a photography related question, please post it under “Comments.”

Something fishy in Capetown?

Dr. Casey O'Conor

When I first saw the photo of the 33-foot, 40-ton whale that crash-landed on a sailboat off Cape Town, I thought the picture was a fake.

For years photos similar to this have been created by combining two different pictures in Adobe Premiere Elements or Adobe Photoshop. Apparently the whale photo was not done this way but is an actual, unmanipulated image. I can't imagine what a shock that would have been to see that huge creature landing in my boat!

To show how two different photos can be merged together to create the unexpected, I took a photo of a dentist (Dr. Casey O'Conor of North Ridgeville, Ohio) and combined it with a photo of model teeth. The image seen here was used on a calendar for the North Ridgeville Rotary Club.

Continue reading

UFOs add impact to your photos


Nicole Gerome

Click the photo to view it larger.

UFOs or “Unexpected Flying Objects” in your photos will grab the viewers attention every time.

It is not easy (or safe!) to have a ball thrown or hit at you for a dramatic photo. The photos at left show the original photo and then a golf ball digitally added to the scene. The ball was photographed separately and then traced and removed from its photo. It was then added to the scene with the golfer and modified to appear to be flying toward the camera. Continue reading

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Secrets revealed for amazing travel photos

Click a photo to see it larger

Tortilla chips, bean bags, and beer bottles – oh, my! In a recent New York Times interview, travel photographer Robert Caplin shared some of his secrets on how to shoot like a pro on a shoestring budget. Read the article at:

Photos at left: Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, Bellagio Hotel – Las Vegas, Iwo Jima Memorial – Washington, D.C.

All photos copyright Mark Madere – SpectraLight Photography.

Do you have any special tips for taking better travel photos? Please leave your comment – below.

Glamourpuss – Bridal tips for a picture-perfect face

There is nothing more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day.

One of the key areas of a bride's appearance is how well her makeup is applied. Here are 10 tips to guarantee a picture-perfect face:

Do you have any additional tips you'd like to share? Click the “Comments” button and post them there.