$74 billion wedding


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Americans spent $74 billion just to say “I Do” last year. 

A story on ABC's Nightline focused on a couple that budgeted a “mere” $75,000.00 for their wedding. 

So what could possibly add up to that kind of figure? For starters, they spent over $9000.00 for French tips and pedicures for the bride, mom and sister compared to $3800 for professional photography! That's an interesting difference of priorities. The couple feels their wedding photos – which they will have for a lifetime – are less important than finger and toenails – something that will grow out in a couple weeks. 

As a wedding photographer for nearly 30 years, I've witnessed couples who chose their photographer based mainly on price – only to be disappointed with their photographs later. Suddenly, the price becomes inconsequential and the lost wedding memories the priority. Unfortunately, there is no going back to re-photograph the wedding day. 

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So what is the most important aspect of a wedding to spend your hard earned $$? Please click “Comment” and share your thoughts.

To see the story and video on Nightline – click here.

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9/11 – Where were you on that fateful day?

Photo taken November 23, 2001 - about 10 weeks after the 9/11 attacks. (Click the photo to view it larger.)

Tomorrow marks the nine year anniversary of the terror attacks on our country. With the thousands of innocent people who lost their lives that day – the world lost it's innocence as well. Flying on airplanes has probably been most affected while safety in public places is always a concern.

September 11, 2001 was a glorious fall day in Northeast Ohio. My oldest daughter was home from school recovering from her wisdom teeth being extracted the day before. Around 9 a.m., I got a call from my wife telling me to turn on the TV to see coverage of a plane that crashed into the World Trade Center. As the minutes passed, another jet hit the WTC, and then the Pentagon, and then Shanksville, PA. It was clear these were no accidents.

My daughter and I watched the coverage all day, wondering what was in store for the future. Could we expect major acts of terror every day? Fortunately, no. 

Weeks prior to the attacks, my family had planned our first visit ever to New York City during the week of Thanksgiving. After 9/11, we debated whether it is was wise to go there with the possibility of more terrorism. We chose to go. 

Our drive along I-80 through Pennsylvania to the “Big Apple” revealed our country's amazing patriotism. We saw the American flag proudly waving over several overpasses and displayed from the windows of countless cars. 

Probably the most breathtaking moment as we approached the city from several miles out was our first glimpse of the Empire State Building. I immediately imagined what that skyline would have looked like if the Twin Towers still stood. It became difficult driving as my eyes misted over. 

There were many other emotional moments as we toured New York. At Grand Central Terminal there was a large display of photos and memorabilia of loved ones lost during the attacks. There was the gut wrenching view of the rubble being cleared away from the Twin Towers – still standing five stories high and smoldering more than ten weeks after the buildings collapsed. 

Fortunately, there was one huge reminder of how great our country is. The Statue of Liberty standing proudly on Ellis Island was there to remind us that our country will always fight for our freedom. It was a wonderful way to conclude our journey. 

So what memories do you have of the day the world changed forever? Please share them with a comment.

Dragging Granny into the 21st century

E-mail pictures of your family to grandma - even if she doesn't have a computer!

Keeping in touch with older relatives can be challenging when they don't use a computer.

Now, there are several products and services available that can enhance communication between those who use e-mail and those who don't because they lack a computer or the skills to operate one.

Whether you want to send grandma a quick e-mail with the latest family news, a snapshot of your son hitting the game winning home run or even share the latest “inside scoop” about your family from Facebook – there are several solutions to choose from. Continue reading