Re-elect Richard Cordray – Ohio Attorney General

Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray with his children at a Cleveland Indians game in 2008

I met Richard Cordray in 2008 when he was campaigning for Ohio Attorney General. I was hired to photograph two of his appearances in Cleveland for publicity purposes. After he was elected, I had the privilege of photographing his inauguration in Columbus.

I am usually skeptical of anyone running for elected office – always wondering about their true motivation for seeking that position.

Spending time with Mr. Cordray allowed me to see a side of him that the general public doesn't as he interacted with his wife and children, staff, the news media and local politicians. What I found was a man who is committed to his family, is respectful of others and truly passionate about the legal rights of Ohioans. I believe Mr. Cordray is an excellent Attorney General and has earned the right to continue fighting for Ohioans for the next four years. Please join me in returning him to office as Ohio's Attorney General.

Mark to speak on Ophthalmic photography and job search advice

Mark photographs patient's retina with a digital fundus camera

On Monday, November 1, I'll be giving a presentation on how I discovered the field of Ophthalmic Photography (photography of the eye) and then review the techniques used to have the position created just for me.

The presentation is geared mainly toward helping photographers explore other areas of imaging, how to find those positions and convincing an employer that you are the right person for the job – regardless of age or experience.

We'll also look at 15 job hunting tips that will help any person in any career field find their next job.

The free presentation starts at 8 p.m. at Mackenzie's Grill (at the Holiday Inn) at 4181 West 150th St. in Cleveland. (Just north of the I-71/West 150th St. exit).

New high tech energy storage solutions explored

Dr. Daniel Scherson of Case Western Reserve University

On Thursday, high tech innovators from Northeast Ohio gathered to provide insight on their role in energy storage research and how they are developing real products and solutions to address the world's increasingly ravenous appetite for energy.

The presentation was held at Lorain County Community College as part of the NorTech Energy Enterprise Speaker Series.

Addressed was the need for new energy storage solutions that are readily available, truly efficient, reliable and cost-effective – a priority for our energy future and economy.  Presenters included Dr. Daniel A. Scherson of Case Western Reserve University, John Butkowski of R.W. Beckett and Herbert Crowther and John Miller of MegaJoule Storage.

For future NorTech events, visit

Mark meets Bill Rancic – Trump’s first apprentice

Bill Rancic - Donald Trump's first "apprentice" and Mark Madere (Photo by Anne Moore)

While attending the COSE Small Business Conference at Cleveland's IX Center, I had the opportunity to chat with Donald Trump's original The Apprentice – Bill Rancic.

Even with all of his success, Bill is one of the most down-to-earth entrepreneurs you'll ever meet.

During his Keynote address, Bill spoke of one of his first experiences in the “business world.” As a young boy, his grandmother taught him how to make pancakes. One morning, she invited her elderly lady friends over to enjoy some of Bill's home made pancakes. After enjoying their meal, they departed and left Bill a small surprise. Tucked under each of their plates were $5 bills!

For the next five weeks, Bill begged his mother to let him visit grandma on the weekends. Bill invited grandma's friends over for a pancake breakfast and received his $5 reward from each of the ladies. Alas, a very young entrepreneur was born.

The COSE Small Business Conference is a great place to meet other entrepreneurs, take-in mini seminars on a variety of topics, meet vendors for many business needs and learn from highly successful keynote speakers like Bill Rancic. And the best part is the conference is free to all COSE members!

For information about COSE, visit

Help me make miracles at Rainbow!

I'm helping Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital raise money to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.

100% of the funds raised go directly towards critical programs and services for the patients and families at Rainbow.

It's all about the children. Please give generously:

If 500 people “Like” my SpectraLight Facebook page ( by October 8th, I will donate $250 to Rainbow.

If you already “Like” my SpectraLight Facebook Page, go to and click “Suggest to Friends” on the upper left part of the page and invite your Facebook friends to “Like” it too.