Lauren and Josh – Dancing with the Stars?

(NOTE: You can spin the video all around by clicking on it and moving your cursor in any direction.)

Lauren and Josh Allen decided to celebrate their one-year anniversary with portraits taken in their wedding attire at Huntington Beach… in DECEMBER! All I could say was BRRRRRRR!

Lauren was a SpectraLight Photography SpokesModel when she was in high school and took AMAZING photos. I was thrilled when she called and asked me to do something unique for their anniversary photos. We created poses that were inspired by the hit TV show, “Dancing With the Stars.” #DWTS

I shot the moon – the “Supermoon” that is

The "Supermoon" - seen in the top photo after manipulation in Photoshop to help the background appear more visible than the orignal photo shown at bottom.

The moon hasn't been this close to the earth since 1992. 

Because the moon’s orbit around the earth is oval, it is sometimes  closer to the earth and other times – it’s farther away.

Last night, it appeared larger and brighter than normal earning the name “Supermoon.”

Although Supermoons have a slightly stronger pull on the earth's tides, NASA states that last night's event did not cause the earth quake and tsunami in Japan.

I took this photo at Huntington Beach in Bay Village – looking east toward Cleveland and Lake Erie.

Upon returning home, I adjusted the contrast and brightness of the original image in Photoshop to better show the size of the moon in relation to the city in the background.

The actual size of the moon was not altered in these photos.

There were several “moon seekers” at the beach – observing and photographing this amazing phenomena.