CLEveland ROCKS! And we have the building to prove it

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Cleveland, Ohio (Photo: Mark Madere | SpectraLight Photography)

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Cleveland, Ohio (Photo: Mark Madere | SpectraLight Photography)

Probably the most iconic building in Cleveland, Ohio is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

As a photographer, I just love the distinct design created by world renowned architect, I. M. Pei. Almost every view of the building offers a unique view of Lake Erie or the downtown skyline.

See more views of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and order art prints here.


Out-of-focus pictures – NEVER AGAIN with amazing Lytro camera!

Ever lose a great photo because it was out-of-focus? That may soon be a thing of the past if the Lytro camera delivers as promised!

Before reading any further, click on different areas of each photo (above) to see how this camera allows you to choose any part of the scene to be in sharp focus.  (If the focus doesn't change, you may not have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. Get it here for free.) What is so unique about this feature is that you choose your focus point (the area of interest that you want to draw the viewer's attention too) AFTER you take the picture. Until now, there has never been a camera or software that gives that kind of capability! This could be a real “game changer” for anyone who has trouble taking pictures in sharp focus.

See more amazing photos like the ones shown here at the Lytro web site. They even give a technical explanation as to how this amazing camera works.
Unfortunately, Lytro isn't saying much about the camera specifications other than it will be small enough to fit in a pocket and that it will be “competitively priced.”

Lytro expects to roll out the cameras to consumers by the end of the year. (Hopefully in time for Christmas.)

Does this camera seem like something that you might purchase? What would be a fair price to pay? Please comment on this post.

Side note: Lytro has contacted me to be a possible “beta tester” of their camera. I've completed a questionnaire and am awaiting a response. If or when I receive the camera, I'll post some pictures and a review of my personal experience using it in “real-world” situations.