Avoiding a Re-Shoot – How to Choose a Professional Photographer

In the digital age of photography, the most up-to-date cameras allow just about anyone to take “decent” pictures. While today's cameras do “okay” with exposure, they still can NOT compose a creative image that captures the viewer's attention. It still requires a trained professional with an understanding of light, shadow, composition, creativity and the ability to put the “subject” at ease to evoke the best possible expression. Also, a thorough understanding of the capabilities and limitations of Photoshop to “fix a photo” after it's taken is crucial.
With over thirty years of professional photography experience, we are ready and able to put you and your company's “best face forward.” When it comes to your professional image, “just good enough” isn't good enough.
Our best advice when choosing a photographer is to review their portfolio on their website and carefully listen to how they respond to your specific needs. Do they sound knowledgeable and able to handle your assignment or is there hesitation in their voice? If they don't have a website or portfolio with the type of images you require, continue your search until you find a photographer who does.
At SpectraLight, we refer assignments to other professional photographers when we feel we can't deliver superior images that best serve the client's needs. It is that integrity of not accepting every inquiry that has built our reputation as a true professional photographic studio.