FREE Portrait Design Consultation

Statistics show that families have a professionally created portrait about every 9.6 years. Whether you choose SpectraLight Photography & Design for your family portrait or another studio; you will be better prepared for a photograph that will be enjoyed for years to come with a FREE Portrait Design Consultation.

We'll discuss:

  1. The color and style of clothes that should be worn for best visual results. (You don't want a “mish-mash” of colors and patterns on everyone in the portrait.)
  2. Where you would like the portrait to be taken. (In your home, your yard, a park, our studio, or even a “dream location” – anywhere in the world!)
  3. The relationships of each person who will be in the portrait. (We want to place each person next to someone who may be extra significant in their life.)
  4. Where the portrait will be displayed. (Your living room, family room, staircase – each location will require a specific size portrait for best viewing pleasure.)

You'll see:

  1. Portraits created in our studio as well as our clients' homes, yard, park, Lake Erie and other locations that make for one-of-a-kind settings.
  2. Various sizes prints to help you visualize the appropriate size for your home decor.

At the end of your design session, you will have enough information to make your portrait one that will be remembered and cherished forever!

For more information or to schedule a free, no obligation portrait design consultation, please send us an inquiry or call (440) 748-6300.