Tips For A Successful Portrait

You take great care to decorate your home with colors that you like. Since your beautiful portrait will hang on a wall in your home, it is best if the colors in the portrait coordinate with those in the room where the portrait will hang.

The best place to display your portrait is a room where your family spends the most time, such as your family room. Please call us for suggestions as to where you might have your portrait taken or to visit us to discuss your ideas personally.

We have many samples of family portraits that will help you choose the colors and location for your portrait setting. Remember: A truly well-planned portrait can become a work of art… a hastily done portrait with mismatched colors will always be just “another picture.”


Remember that you want your portrait to show the relationships and personalities of each person in the portrait. You don't want it to be a photograph of a bright dress or sweater. Because of this, you must carefully choose clothing that is subtle so that one person does not “standout” or distract from the others. Simple, classic outfits are the best as they will not date your portrait.

Families should coordinate the type and color of clothing that each person wears. Unless your family wears formal clothing all the time, you may be happier with everyone in casual attire. Casual clothes are best for outdoor portraits and portraits created in the home.

Please avoid stripes or “loud patterns”. Outfits with “V” necks and sleeves are best. Rusts, mauves, middle blues, gentle grays, salmons, middle greens, middle browns, burgundy, rose and rich pastels are good. White or light colors will make you appear heavier than you are and dark, solid colors will help you look slimmer. Also, be sure that attention is paid to the footwear of everyone in the portrait.

Make-up and Beards

Please apply make-up with care. Be yourself! Women should wear their normal amount of make-up. Avoid extremely dark eyeliners and bright eye shadows. A powder base can be helpful to avoid any shiny or oily appearance on the face. Men should shave just prior to the portrait sitting to avoid the “five-o'clock shadow.”


If anyone wears glasses all the time, they should wear them in the portrait. However, with many types of glasses, a glare or distortion may appear. This glare can not be removed without an additional charge. We suggest that you see your optometrist to borrow similar frames (without the lenses) to the style your wear or to have the lenses temporarily removed from your frames.


Please be especially careful that each person's hair is exactly the way you want it to appear in your portrait. Out-of-place or stray hair cannot be removed from your portraits without an additional charge.