Preparing For Your Session

Clothing Styles… You may have portraits created in a variety of outfits. Wear your own outfits or try some of ours – there's no extra charge! Regardless of how many outfits you're photographed in, we strongly recommend bringing at least five or six so we can evaluate which outfits will photograph best with the props, backgrounds and poses that we'll do. Be sure your clothes are neat and clean because worn and tattered clothing will be obvious in your finished photographs. A “Glamour ShotZ” portrait session is an excellent opportunity to add some new and exciting clothing to your wardrobe!

Perhaps the most popular outfit is a pretty, feminine dress. Others prefer form-fitting jeans and a silk or satin blouse. Or really create excitement in an alluring evening gown, party dress, mini skirt or short shorts with a camisole. Chemises, teddies and one or two-piece swim wear are other possibilities. Be as conservative or provocative as you wish! No matter what you choose – you're sure to please your guy with a beautiful portrait of yourself.

Clothing Colors… Women of all shapes and sizes can have beautiful portraits of themselves. However, clothing style and color is very important for appealing portraits. Always choose a solid color as opposed to clothes with loud patterns. To make the body appear slimmer, dark tones are recommended. Black, wine, dark-green and dark-blue are excellent slimming colors because they draw less attention to the area that is clothed. A woman with a good figure can safely wear lighter and brighter colors such as white, pink and red.

Besides choosing your clothing colors based on your figure, the color of your clothes should also compliment your hair color and skin tone. A blond with a light complexion may look great in black or wine-colored clothes and not so good in blue or brown tones, while a red-head may look outstanding in emerald-green but awful in dark-blue.

Leg and Footwear… The type of panty hose and footwear selected for a “Glamour ShotZ” portrait is extremely important to the success of your finished photographs.

In virtually all poses, the appearance of your legs will be enhanced if pantyhose are worn. We recommend sheer-to-the-waist hose in black, suntan or nude because they don't show seams. “Thigh-high” hose with lace tops are also an exciting look. Many outfits that you might wear “regular” hose with when going out in public will be much sexier with laced-topped, thigh-high hose. You can choose just about any color to coordinate with your outfits. However, we suggest wearing nude or tan color sheer-to-the-waist panty hose underneath your thigh-high hose to enhance the look of your legs. Note: Be careful selecting thigh-high hose. The “stay-up” hose with elastic around the tops may fit too snugly causing your skin to bulge above and below the elastic. Hose without elastic works best.

The best footwear for your session are high-heels. High-heels help legs look and photograph better when standing. Bring at least two pair: one black pair and one white pair. They should be fairly new because they will look better in a photograph than “worn” shoes.

Hair & Make-Up… Your “look” is very important to the success of your portraits. Our best photographs are those in which the subject has her hair and make-up professionally done just prior to the session. Make-up for a “Glamour ShotZ” portrait is done a bit differently than what you would normally wear and a cosmetologist will create a more exciting “look” than what you might do. If you wish to have your hair cut for your session, do it at least a week or more beforehand. Often times, the subject is not happy with her new hairstyle causing a cancellation of the session. We strongly recommend having your hair styled (not cut) and only just a few hours before your session.

Posing… You don't have to be a fashion model to do a “Glamour ShotZ” portrait session. We'll demonstrate and direct you into many flattering poses. If you see a pose in a fashion magazine that you would like to do, just bring it in and we'll do our best to duplicate it.

Free In-Studio Consultation… Before scheduling your session, we ask that you first come in for a free in-studio consultation. We can discuss the type of portraits that you would like, show samples of photographs that we've created for other women and evaluate some of the clothing that you're considering for your session. We urge you to take advantage of this free consultation because you'll be better prepared for your session – resulting in truly exciting portraits for your special someone!