Custom App | Online Portfolio

Your app is a great way for talent and modeling agencies and other potential clients to access your portfolio any time of day from anywhere in the world. It can be shared with anyone via a link in an email or text message and downloaded and viewed on any smartphone or computer! To view a sample app, click here. (A new window will open with the app.)

App Design Fee

Includes up to 10 pictures from your photo session. (Add $20 for each additional photo.) We’ll color correct your photos, create the app and maintain it on our web server for five years – $199

Apps created from OTHER photographer’s portraits require a written release from that photographer to legally use their photos – $249

App annual renewal after five years – $15/year. You may discontinue the annual renewal at any time.

BONUS! If you have your comp card designed by us – we’ll add it to your app at no charge. That’s a great way to eliminate printing costs because the comp card can be printed by the talent or modeling agency on THEIR printer.