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It’s been a long time since I’ve attended the Cleveland National Air Show – going back to the days of shooting film. With my digital photo and video cameras in hand – I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to go this year! I kept my photo count down to around 350 shots – unlike the guy […]

I’m really excited to be asked to show how to take better vacation photos at the May 20th meeting of the North Ridgeville Arts Council. I will be presenting “Discover 7 Secrets to Better Vacation Photography.” The information can be used to improve vacation photography, pictures of friends and family, sporting events and more. Topics to […]

With the recent flooding in Northeast Ohio and possibly more high water on the way, I decided to put together several tips to save water-damaged, heirloom photos. When floods and fires hit, most people don’t grieve losing a stove or couch. It’s the loss of valued family photos, scrapbooks and memorabilia that makes them cry. Living […]

A new conspiracy theory spreading throughout Northeast Ohio is that Cleveland’s legendary meteorologist Dick Goddard used his “mystical powers” to summon the huge snow storm that has buried the area. Thursday marked Goddard’s 80th birthday so rumor has it that he wanted it to be remembered for the blizzard that hit the area late last night and […]

Before-and-after photos show how badly damaged pictures can be restored to their original glory. The North Ridgeville Arts Council invites the community to a special presentation: “Photo Restoration – The Art and Science of Resurrecting Damaged and Faded Photographs.” It will be presented by Mark Madere – a professional photographer based in North Ridgeville. He […]

By now, you’ve seen the photo of the 33-foot, 40-ton whale that crash-landed on a sailboat off Cape Town. When I first saw it, I immediately thought something was “fishy” with the picture. I’ve seen photos of huge fish hanging on ordinary fishing poles that were created by combining two different photos in Adobe Premiere Elements or […]

When I first saw the photo of the 33-foot, 40-ton whale that crash-landed on a sailboat off Cape Town, I thought the picture was a fake. For years photos similar to this have been created by combining two different pictures in Adobe Premiere Elements or Adobe Photoshop. Apparently the whale photo was not done this way but is an actual, […]

Pacific Ocean along California Highway 1 Sometimes the beautiful color you see with your eyes doesn’t appear that way in your photographs. Why settle for dull, boring photos when you can make your photos shine with gorgeous color enhancement? Most people take photos with their camera set on “automatic.” While that setting does an okay […]

Want to edit your digital photos but not pay hundreds of dollars for the software to do it? Check out this great review of free programs with some very unique features: If you want to retouch like the pros, save some money and order Adobe Photoshop here. If you don’t want to invest a ton […]