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Architecture can lend itself to striking photographs. While a full view of a building shows the overall appearance; it is the detailed close-ups that can present a whole different “feel.” The photo on the far left was the first view that caught my attention. I then utilized my zoom lense to bring out many of the […]

    Sometimes tipping your camera a little sideways can give an ordinary composition a lot more interest. The photo at far left shows the palm trees growing naturally. I then tipped the camera to one side for a more interesting take on a subject that’s been photographed millions of times (other photo). Other notes: […]

  Using your camera’s flash is sometimes a matter of personal preference. In an earlier post, I showed how the flash eliminated shadows on the subject’s faces for a more pleasing look. In the top photo, the flash eliminated the shadows but took away from the form and texture of the roses. In the bottom […]

  Photos of people taken on a sunny day can be very challenging. Harsh shadows on one side of the face and bright sunlight on the other is very unflattering. The good news is that with today’s cameras, it is not difficult to fix this problem. The top photo was taken without using the little flash on a […]