“I finally got him” wins Lakewood Photographic Society top prize

I Finally Got Him by Lucian Bartosik

"I finally got him" by Lucian Bartosik wins Lakewood Photographic Society contest

“Click, click… did I get it?”

Fast moving, candid wedding moments are often like that. In the case of Lakewood Photographic Society (LPS) member, Lucian Bartosik, capturing his wedding photo, “I finally got him,” was a two shot moment. He took top honors in the Photojournalism category at the LPS photo contest on Tuesday evening with that image.

“The groom was in love with Classic American cars and his new bride surprised him with this red and white beauty and driver to whisk them away from the church,” says Bartosik. “There was just a few moments to freeze time, as they were about to head off to the reception and I managed to get two shots at this point. The first shot I took included the entire car with everyone looking forward, but for the second shot I zoomed in and just for a moment the bride glanced my way and I pressed the shutter button. I knew that the judges of a competition might give lower marks for not being able to see the entire car, however, I felt that the look of the bride would over ride the fact that only part of the car was in frame, and chose that particular image to include in my entries.”

Bartosik, who is originally from Wales in Great Britain has lived in Lakewood almost 5 years. Of his relocation, Bartosik said, “My brother and sister had married Americans and were living in Ohio and during our many visits up here, my now wife, liked the feel of Lakewood, with it's many unique coffee shops and eclectic restaurants, so we decided to move north. We both ski, therefore enjoy snowy winters and the summers are not as hot or humid as Kentucky. Having the lake so close means we can do some sailing in summer too, therefore enjoying the best of both seasons.”

Bartosik produces fine art photographic works and has prints on sale in a few galleries in and around Cleveland. He also take a limited amount of wedding and portrait commissions each year and his winning photo was a result of such an occasion.

Did you have a professional photographer or just a friend take your wedding pictures? What was that experience like? Please leave a comment on this post.

Mark judges Lakewood Photographic Society contest

Susan Johnson, member of the Lakewood Photographic Society, took top honors in both categories she entered.

Yesterday, I was honored to serve as a judge for the Lakewood Photographic Society (LPS) photo contest. Having judged their contests for the past five years, I couldn't turn down this opportunity to view some of the Cleveland area's most creative photography. As usual, I was not disappointed. Photographs covered a wide spectrum of subjects: portraits, flowers, animals, scenics and more. There's always something for every taste.

Susan Johnson of Lakewood did extremely well with two of her images taking top honors in the two categories she entered. She was gracious enough to allow me to post those images here.

LPS is a club for all camera enthusiasts serving the  Cleveland area for over 75 years. Their members range from beginners with easy-to-use point-and-shoot cameras to very advanced, experienced photographers. They use everything from 35mm cameras to 4×5 view cameras and of course – digital.

LPS meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Lakewood Senior Center at 16024 Madison Avenue. Check 'em out – you'll be glad you did.